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    Reward for Loan Referral :-

    When your referred customer takes disbursement from PNB Housing, you (existing customer) become eligible for reward as per the grid mentioned below.

    Loan Amount availed by referral Reward Amount – Gift Voucher
    Up To 25 Lakhs ( Referral scheme is applicable on minimum INR 10 lakhs loan amount ) INR 2500/-
    >25 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs INR 5000/-
    >75 Lakhs INR 10,000/-


    Terms & Conditions

    • The referral scheme would be applicable on loan amount referral of INR 10 Lakhs & above.
    • Referral has to take at least 1 disbursement within 3 months from the date of referral received from the existing customer, else offer shall stand cancelled.
    • Gift voucher/reward amount shall be released within 60 days of disbursement to the referral, irrespective of whether the disbursement is part or full.
    • Gift voucher/reward amount would be based on loan amount availed by the referral.
    • If the same customer is referred by more than one referral or PNB housing associate/ connector, the first one to make the referral will be entitled for the incentive. In the event of dispute, PNB housing shall reserve the right to decide.
    • Application under process with PNB Housing on or before the reference received from customer shall not be eligible for any benefits in this program.
    • All loans shall be at the sole discretion of PNB Housing finance ltd.
    • No reward shall be applicable for referring Self or immediate family members.
    • Loan A/C  account number is mandatory for payment for the reward.
    • All payments will be subject to service tax and other laws applicable at the time of making the payment & calculations.
    • The referral scheme is not applicable for PNB Housing, PHFL employees and their immediate family members
    • PNB Housing reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any time without any prior intimation
    • Any dispute arising in connection to the referral program are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only


    Terms & Conditions

    By agreeing to terms and conditions, you authorize PNB Housing to contact the reference shared for home loan enquiry.